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Peter Adams Family Dentistry is now Safe Harbor Dental!


Are you looking to find a dentist near you? We are your family dentist in Chesapeake, Virginia

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Preventative Dentistry
We help prevent dental problems before
they start. Prevention is very important.
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Cosmetic Dentistry
We help improve the look of your
teeth for a beautiful smile.
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Restorative Dentistry
We restore the form, function
and appearance of your teeth.
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Periodontal Disease
We help diagnose, treat and
prevent periodontal disease.
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Teeth Whitening
We can whiten your beautiful smile
using safe, effective whiteners.
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Sleep Apnea
We have dental appliances
that help sleep apnea patients.
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Family And Logo

Why Choose Dr. Adams and Dr. Spinden to be Your Family’s Dentist?

• Education and extensive training in all specialties of dentistry

• Over 40 Years of Combined Experience

• Emphasis on Preventative Dental Care

• A family dentist who takes care of patients of all ages

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Call Today for Your Appointment! (757) 547-0222

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502 Bud Drive, Suite 102
Chesapeake, VA 23322  (757) 547-0222
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Insurance and payment 2

We participate in many different insurance plans and offer various payment options.
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We are all a part of your family dental team at Peter Adams Family Family Dentistry.
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Safe Harbor Dental
502 Bud Drive, Suite 102, Chesapeake, VA 23322

Are you looking to find a dentist near you?
We are your family dentist in Chesapeake, Virginia
Serving Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk and Northeastern North Carolina

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